Securing our students in today's world is no easy task. You need the proper communication solutions provided by a team with specialized training and experience. Marcus has that team - and continues to stay on the cutting edge, continues to innovate new solutions, and continues to keep our children safe. Choose Marcus to give you the technical communications to secure your schools. 

Our products are available for purchase under the following state contracts: 14PSX007314PSX027716PSX0049As a courtesy to taxpayers, we extend this reduced pricing to all of our municipal customers automatically. State contracts can often be used by municipalities to purchase our products & services outside a local bid or RFP. 



Featured Education Solutions

Communications & Security Checkup

See if your communications pass the test with our free communications & security checkup!

Two-Way Radio & PTT Solutions

Instant communication between school staff and public safety. Reliable and always ready in case of emergency. 


Safety & security comes before all else. Our security team designs and implements custom security solutions with video surveillance and access control.

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